the Gutter Wedge

Lite Weight and Easy to Use 

The easiest solution to blocking out leafs and dirt from your gutters, comes in 1 meter lengths and is really easy to install. See our video for details.

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Environmentally Friendly

The foam structure filters out all debris that would normally enter your gutters and eventually block them or cause water to lay in them creating an ideal environment for mosquitoes to breed or rust to develop decreasing the life of your gutter.



Easy DIY or Professional Install

Easy do it yourself, or have someone from the GREY ARMY come out and do it for you.



No Special Tools Required 

The soft light weight Gutter Gaurd is easy to transport and cut to the right size and angle.


  The NoLeaf Gutter Gaurd system is the simplest and best solution for keeping your gutters clean from debri. It's light weight, easy to install or get a professional to do it, as well as easy to maintain over time.  Simply take out and wash out with water.  Click the ORDER tab above to purchase, with fixed price shipping Australia Wide.